Connexion Groups

We All Need Community

Connexion Groups are smaller meetings, typically in homes, to help people better connect with God, His Word, and each other. Why? We all need community.

Connexion Groups vary in kind, size, and topics, but all share the same overall purposes:

  • fostering fellowship and mutual support for spiritual and personal growth
  • raising up leaders, and
  • sharing the Gospel with people in an interactive, non-judgmental environment designed to help discover answers to some of life’s most important questions

Connexion Groups are ongoing and range in scope and depth. Usually though, they’re a mix of people with varying backgrounds, interests, and experience; which is great.

Again, we need each other. Please check the Events page for details of each group. You will find the details by locating and clicking on a particular group in the calendar. 

We look forward to seeing you in a Connexion Group soon!